VIQC Squared Away FAQ - Read This Before Posting a Question!

This thread is the VIQC equivalent to my FAQ for VRC Tower Takeover, except this time I’m getting ahead of the question posts by writing it on the night of release instead of the next day. Like the other FAQ, this post is a wiki, so feel free to edit it to add new questions or correct any errors.

Q: Where can I read the game manual?
A: The game manual and other important documents can be found on this page.

Q: What are the dimensions of [field/game element X]?
A: The Field Appendix contains detailed, dimensioned drawings and descriptions of the field and game elements.

Q: The balls look like the balls from Bank Shot, are they the same?
A: Looking at the Field Appendices from both Bank Shot and Squared Away, the balls have the same size and mass (3" diameter, 22 grams). They appear to be similar in color as well, though it will be hard to say until someone can compare them side-by-side in person.

Q: What about the balls from VRC Turning Point?
A: The balls used in VRC Turning Point are the same diameter but 2.5 times heavier (55 grams) and a different color, so not a good substitute for VIQC Squared Away balls.

Q: How many balls can I possess?
A: There is no ball possession limit in VIQC Squared Away.

Q: How many balls can I score on/in a cube?
A: The rules do not set a maximum number of balls that can be scored on/in each cube, though obviously there are some physical limitations.

Q: Can I score balls on/in a cube that is scored in a corner goal or platform?
A: Yes, there are no rules preventing this.

Q: Can I score more than one cube in/on the same corner goal or platform?
A: No, each corner goal or platform can only have a single cube scored on/in it.

Q: Does the cube have to match the color of the corner goal/platform it is scored in?
A: Yes. Red cubes can only be scored in red corner goals. Blue cubes can only be scored in blue corner goals. Green cubes can only be scored on platforms.

Q: Are the colored parts on the top of the perimeter wall part of the corner goals?
A: No, the corner goals are 2D areas completely on the Floor.

Q: How has the starting area changed this year?
A: The starting area has shrunk from 11" x 20" in Next Level to 11" x 19" in Squared Away. This is because the short black line and field perimeter are no longer part of the starting area.

Q: What about the dimensions my robot must not exceed during a match?
A: This has also shrunk to 11" x 19" for this year. Be sure to read <G5> for more information on this constraint.

Q: How tall can my robot be?
A: Your robot must start the match no taller than 15", and must remain under 15" in height for the entire match.

Q: I have read this entire post and still have a question. What should I do?
A: You should perform the following steps:

  1. Read the game manual, as well as any appendices relevant to your question.
  2. Read the game manual, as well as any appendices relevant to your question.
  3. Perform a search of the game manual for terms relevant to your question. This can be done by pressing Ctrl-f or command-f, or by performing a search in the VIQC Hub mobile app.
  4. Search the official Q&A and forum for terms relevant to your question.

Most questions will be answered by completing steps 1-4. If after completing these steps you still have a question, do the following:

  1. Decide whether you want to ask your question on the forum or the official Q&A. Forum threads get replied to more quickly and result in more discussion, but the official Q&A (where only registered teams and EPs can post questions) is the only source of official, binding rules interpretations. Often, preliminary discussions on the forum lead to official Q&A questions for final rulings.

  2. Write out your question as completely and thoroughly as possible. Make sure to quote any rules you’re referencing, draw diagrams to illustrate your question, etc. You might find that you answered your own question just by trying to ask it.

If after doing all the above you still have a question, then please feel free to ask it!


If a cube is placed on a platform with the gird of the cube down, would balls placed inside the cube (on top of the platform) be scored as 1 point or 2 since they are no longer touching the floor of the field?

I believe such balls would not be scored as being on top of a cube, since the criteria include the following provision:

a. The Ball is at least partially above the side of the Cube with cross-beams.

  • The side of the Cube with cross-beams is the side which is furthest away from
    (and roughly parallel to) the Floor.

If the cube is upside-down, the side of the cube with cross-beams is not furthest from the floor, and so no balls can be scored on top of that cube.

However, balls in the position you describe would still meet the criteria to score inside of the cube, and thus would score 1 point each.

EDIT: This case is actually illustrated by Figure 11 in the game manual:


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Now if the cube was upside down, I can see that the 4 balls that are breaking the volume of the cube being scored as 1 point each. My question is would the ball on top be scored as 1 point or would it not be scored as it is not breaking the volume of the cube? The rules only mention an infinite vertical projection of a cube for a ball scoring on top of a cube.


As far as I can tell, that top ball doesn’t meet any of the criteria for scored.


That is what I believe as well. I just wanted clarification to make sure that we stay consistent on scoring when it comes to the competitions and what I tell my students.

To explain this in more detail, let’s look at the definition of scored:

The top ball in the photo above is not scored inside the cube because criterion 1(a) is not met: The ball is not within the interior volume of the cube. In addition, no balls can be scored on top of this cube because criterion 2(a)(i) is not met. Thus, the top ball is not scored.


But I believe the 4 balls would be technically inside, so 1 point each.

If this ever happens (how!?) then besides the 20 points for cube on tower, perhaps some refs will score 10 points, some 5 points, some 4 points, and some no points (for the balls)…

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VIQC Official Q&A

There are questions and there will be answers!

Good luck to all!

Thanks, OP edited to add link!

Is there a possession limit for cubes?

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As you read the game manual 2019 - 2020 VEX IQ Challenge - Squared Away keep in mind as you read, the rules about the game tell you what you can’t do, while rules about the robot tell you what is legal. Since there is no rule about possession limit, then there is none.


Is it true that during a Programming Skills match if the robot continues moving after the 60 second time limit is over the match will be disqualified and no score will be given?

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This would be covered by <G11c>:

As you can see, this does not provide for a robot to be disqualified if it continues moving after the match ends. However, any points you score after t=0 will not count.

Egregiously violating <G11c> (such as intentionally letting your robot run for a long time after the match ends) could potentially be a violation of <G1> or the code of conduct. But as long as you make some obvious effort to stop your robot at the correct time, you’ll likely be fine.


The max score possible in a current Squared Away game is 170. Taking this account, the only way to obtain that score is for 5 balls to be on top of each of the 7 cubes. The way we see it (and read the rules), that photo above would count for 30 points. 20 for the green cube legally positioned on the stand plus 2 points for each of the 5 balls on top of the cube.

Take a look at my reply above - a careful reading of the definition of scored reveals that the bottom 4 balls are scored inside the cube, and the top ball isn’t scored at all. Thus that configuration scores 24 points.

If that cube were spun 180 degrees, so that the side with the cross beams was the farthest side from the floor, then all 5 balls would be scored on top, and your count of 30 points would be correct.