Virtual Kentucky Kingdom Team Party

Want to join us at the Virtual Kentucky Kingdom team party? We promise the lines at the buffet and rides are non-existent and the tickets are free! :joy:Join us right after the game reveal tomorrow. There will even be a virtual Thunder Run roller coaster! Here’s how it works: everyone that gets on the Google Slides will be able to interact on the same Google Slides presentation. You can add your team pics or Bitmojis. There are several interactive slides where your team can respond to a question. You can even add your picture to the Ferris wheel. You could also screen share this Google Slides during your team’s Zoom meeting. We have added music that you can click on too! I will be updating the link with directions and extras tonight. It’s almost finished. See you after the game reveal tomorrow!

**Here’s the link. Let me know if it doesn’t work. PM 57 PM

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As far as I’m aware Kentucky Kingdom doesn’t have a Ferris wheel, you could insert people into a wooden roller coaster lmao


They have a roller coaster. I have been on it and I was terrified. I do not like heights. Lol

yeah it did? i rode it last year


That’s really weird, I have no memory of seeing it even though I’ve been there several times :neutral_face:


It does. Oh how I loved that ride…
You could see so far from the top…
I’m such a kid, lol