Virtual Pit Area Template

We are AquaBots 1845A from Hattiesburg, Mississippi in the Science Division. The virtual expo center is looking lonely without y’all. Decorating our pit area has been one of our favorite things to do at Worlds, for the past 3 years. In the comments, we have provided a virtual pit area template for your team to customize. We will also provide tutorials and tips for customizing your virtual pit area. Don’t forget to stop by our pit area for some bracelets and mermaid sticky hands party favors! :laughing: We can’t wait to see your decorated virtual pit. Comment below with your email and we will email you the template. You can share the Google Slides template with all of your team mates and everyone on the team can help decorate! Worlds is TOMORROW!!, so let’s get this party started! Try this link for the template. If it doesn’t work, I can send emails. [] 01 AM


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Cool. Thanks, virtual worlds lol

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