Virtual Programming Challenge for Highrise?

Is there virtual programming challenge for highrise that can be either done online/offline?

Following are two available online resources that may be of interest to you and other VEX IQ teams:

  • The Robot Virtual Game Challenge from Robomatter. Details, including how to obtain the free license for this season, are available on this site. While this is not a virtual version of an event's Programming Skills Challenge, it is a fun way to learn and practice programming skills.
  • Online Challenge - the first VEX IQ Online Challenge, the Promote Award, has just been released. You can share your team's VEX IQ Challenge experiences, including the Programming Skills Challenge, and qualify for an opportunity to win a great prize.
Enjoy your VEX IQ Challenge experience this season!

Will there be any other Online Challenges exclusive to VEXiq or is Promote the only challenge available this year ?

I have uploaded some video tutorials that I believe will be helpful to anyone getting started with the Highrise for VEX IQ Virtual World for RobotC.