Virtual Robotics Exercises

I’m currently trying to teach the newer students on our team about programming and, now that we have covered some basics, would like to move on actually programming a robot. Of course, given the circumstances, we can’t actually do this. Are there any resources that would allow one to virtually program a robot and see the actions that it carries out? I saw VEXcode VR, but I want them to be doing text-based coding, rather than Scratch Blocks. Are there any other similar resources? Having finer control over motors rather than just “move forward” and such would be even better to go over things like PID, etc.



Robot Mesh Studio Mimic is great for this.

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Like sazrocks said, Robot Mesh Studio does support a mimic that can be programmed using C++ and other languages. The mimic can be customized even more than VEX VR’s. It also has a classroom management feature.


Thanks! I will definitely be using this.