Virtual Scouting System

I’m looking into developing a web based virtual scouting system for the upcoming game which will be open source and obtain team and match data from tournaments along with scouting forms for teams.

I would like to know what people would want to see in a system like this as I do plan on releasing it later in the year (before NZ regionals hopefully) and would like something that would seem to suit people’s needs.

It will be written with PHP & MySQL and I hope to be able to make it open source and freely distributable for other teams to run on their systems.

I am also looking into mobile phone apps to feed data back to a central database but this is a long while away


The Cheesy Poofs (254) had a webpage scouting form for last years VRC and FRC games that they made available. i think was the URL

i think was the URL

Cheesy Scout (
We mainly used it for FRC this year, as at VEX Worlds Wi-Fi was not allowed, so we did paper scouting.
I think we used Cheesy Scout for a few VEX tournaments, but now with the Wi-Fi-VexNet interference (supposedly) it will probably be used less.

That could work…

I looked at this website and it I truly amazing (what I had hoped to do plus a lot more). The only question I have is can it use other events from other countries (I’m in New Zealand).

The wifi issue could be fixed with a bluetooth personal network between devices which get data from a local server (laptop) or a 3G enabled device, however I have to look into the limits of a bluetooth network on mobile devices and if they support the networking needed.

Bluetooth uses the same 2.4Ghz band that both Wifi and VEXnet use, so i’m guessing that bluetooth is frowned upon as well