Virtual Skills setting sides to certain velocities

I’m trying to test out some pure pursuit on the virtual skills before implementing it on my physical robot, but I can’t figure out how to set one side of the drivetrain to a certain velocity and the other side a different velocity and haven’t been able to find the motor names and do it individually.

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Virtual skills only exposes a drivetrain for robot control and does not have individual motor control due to the way the robots are constructed in the Unity gaming environment.

General reminder that VEXcode VR / Virtual Skills is not design to be a hardware simulation tool and we take “game-like” optimizations that may not match “real world” performance.


I’m just wondering if there is a way with drivetrain commands to have an offset in the sides

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No, there isn’t, as you are either moving the robot forwards or backwards. Turning while moving, which may seem like a decent compromise, also doesn’t work, as the drivetrain can either be turning or driving, but not both (at the same time). You can adjust the overall turning and driving velocities, but not per one side of the drivetrain.

Trust me, unless you want to have the robot to turn and then drive for each individual step of the PP curve (which would be a pain to calculate and implement), I don’t think VEX Code VR is the platform for you.


Thanks for clarifying

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