Virtual World Results

Did anyone review the virtual world results tab? The scores for the individual qualifying matches are very low.

I thought they were randomly taking each team’s top 10 scores and combining them with a random score from your partner’s top ten.

The results in the Hubble division to me seem to be half the value I expected. Even the top scores were in the low 60s.

There were lots and lots and lots of hero bots that got berths to Worlds. So the low score isn’t a surprise.


The scores were calculated by randomly picking a score from your teams’s top 15 scores and averaging it with a randomly selected score from your partner’s top 15 scores, it wasn’t a combination of the two randomly picked scores.


If I had to guess, the scores are half of what they’re meant to be, so they’re half of the average rather than half the sum. The posted scores of 60 could be the result of two 120 matches.

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