Virtual Worlds Fall into Nothingness

We were working on In the Zone today in class. One of the students got the robot to fall into nothingness… dropped into infinity.
link text

lol yeah that’s always fun to do. One of my classmates found a way to glitch the scissorbot into clipping under the loading platform and autostacking cones on the mobile goal in front of the loader…I’m not at all sure how he did it.

I also die a little inside whenever I use the fantasticbot to accidentally drop a mobile goal over the wall…into the abyss xD

Yep. Virtual Worlds is some top notch software. Tabor and I were playing around with getting a neural net to play ITZ. Here’s some video from testing out a joystick input method (not the AI, just testing some other software):

This video made me literally rolling on the floor laughing. Thank you @rbenasutti and @tabor473, you made my day!

I glitched the Starstruck virtual world at worlds last year at the Robomatter stand. I got the robot stuck in the fence, but it wasn’t touching the floor and counted as a low hang. The people at the stand got a real laugh out of that…