VirtualVEX 1.0 Final Release

Hey all,

After a long wait, VirtualVEX has exited the development phase and we are proud to announce the release of the stable 1.0 version. This will, of course, be the final release for this season. In terms of changes, there are few differences between this version and the beta. The primary changes are in the Vertical Intake Bot, which has been edited to behave more realistically. Still, we strongly recommend any current Beta users to upgrade to this version, as it does contain some bugfixes designed to remove issues associated with previous versions. For anybody too busy to download the program this week and try it out, I would like to remind you that 254E will have a computer at our pit with connected joysticks running the simulator; feel free to come by and try it if you would like. That being said, you may find it useful to download this release and use it for some cram practice sessions on the car/bus/train/plane to Anaheim. :smiley:

As always, you can download it here:

It has been a fantastic privilege to have been able to work on this project for the past season (in fact, VirtualVEX is almost one year old now, since it was started over the summer). I would like to thank this community for its continued support and patience throughout what turned out to be a very long development cycle. Rest assured that we will not be stopping anytime soon - once the new game is announced, work on next season’s version of VirtualVEX will begin anew. Until that time, see you guys all at Worlds, and I hope you enjoy.


Very cool. A little hard to get the hang of with keyboard shortcuts, it doesn’t let you use both drive motors while the intake is running which makes it hard to pick up.

Will start working on importing user code now.

Well, firstly, I would recommend using using joysticks, as this is what the program was designed for, and it provides a more realistic experience. However, if you do not have any joysticks, the keyboard shortcuts should provide full functionality. They are configured to resemble VEX joysticks as closely as possible. You should not have a problem with driving and intaking at the same time. For reference, W and S keys control the left drive, T and G keys control right drive, O and L keys control the lift (l is up, o is down) and the UP and DOWN keys control the intake (DOWN is intake, UP outtake). So, driving with W and T while holding down DOWN should allow you to drive and intake. This setup works fine on my test machine here.

Sorry for the confusion. It is, of course, difficult to emulate the behavior of a VEX joystick using keyboard keys.