VirtualVEX 2014 Beta Released

VirtualVEX has been updated for the 2014 Toss Up season! This latest release of VirtualVEX provides the following new features:

-New Game and Robot: Toss Up has been fully implemented, with rules for automated scoring and realistic physics for the weighted beachballs. A new robot has been implemented for Toss Up, using the popular dual roller intake design.

-Virtual Sensors: We have added support for virtual sensors to the codebase. All robots have been updated to include 3 simulated quadrature encoders - one for each side of the drivebase and one for the lift. Support for ROBOTC’s SensorValue array has been added to the user code template so users can utilize the new sensors in their code.

-Improved User Code Loading: We have reimplemented user code loading to make it more user-friendly. All boilerplate code has been moved to a precompiled library so the user-end code template is simpler. There have been no syntax changes, so you won’t need to re-learn anything - VirtualVEX still uses the ROBOTC syntax.

-More Realistic Arm Physics: We have completely changed the way arm rotation physics is handled. Robot arms now move with constant velocity rather than accelerating, resulting in smoother and more realistic motion.

As always, the new release can be found on our Downloads page

Some screenshots of the new release:

Screenshot (4).jpg
Screenshot (5).jpg
Screenshot (6).jpg