VirtualVEX Alpha 12 released - now with New Zealand intake!

The open-source VEX simulator is back with a new robot and plenty of other changes. While it has been a very long time since any updates since the team has been busy, we have managed to add both new features and bugfixes to this latest release based upon user feedback and internal testing. The largest new addition to this version is the introduction of a whole new robot, the Horizontal intake robot - better known as the New Zealand bot. We had originally planned to do a vertical intake robot, but since the NZ design is so popular these days it seemed to be the logical next step. As promised in older posts, the Clawbot has also been updated to use an elevator lift. This is partly because many clawbots (at least where I’m from) seem to use this lift, but also because it helps stabilize the intake itself somewhat. The physics errors with the ConveyorBot have also been dealt with, and a hard stop has been added by popular request. You will notice other changes too - see the website for a full list. Without further ado, here’s the link to the downloads page:


Thanks for doing this! I have been messing around with it, and here are some “bugs” I have found, and also personal changes I would like to see.

Claw Bot

I really like the fast linear slides for the claw bot, and fast drive train. The claw for some reason does not pick up, and hold game objects very well. I have tried a lot, and I have not successfully scored a ball. I have scored a barrel, but not easily. I think having the claw hold tighter, and grab faster would help. Also, if you have the claw all the way down, it drags on the ground. Maybe have a stopping point right above the ground, but not to close it gets caught.

Conveyor Bot

I like the changes you have made; Longer angled intake, and the game objects stay in a lot better. There is still a problem with the objects staying in though. Maybe if you added a bottom, and top plate, that would help. The speed for the intake is good, and the drive train speed is very nice. It can score very fast in the 30” if you line up right. Good job on that.

H Roller Bot

I extremely like this bot. It scores VERY well, and the drive speed is perfect. One thing that could help is making the game object capacity maybe 5 or so. 4 can get in, but they fall out fast if you move too much. The arm speed is not to fast which is good. The only big change I would make, is having the intake out speed go a little slower. You can shoot the ball really far with the speed it is at right now. Maybe making that a little slower. The intake in speed is perfect.

I like the Match-Load option you have added, and maybe sometime you can add the doubler. I really like what changes you have made, and thank you so much for this awesome resource.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re always looking for ways to make the program a better practice tool.

Strangely, I haven’t seen any issues with the Clawbot during testing; I’ve been able to score objects rather quickly. However, I have seen that holding objects become an issue when the robot is moving at high speeds, especially when it’s turning, so I’ll try to play around with the friction parameters to make that work a little better. One thing you should know about the ConveyorBot is that technically there is already a top plate on it; actually there is a collider on the top that I had to add to prevent objects from flying out when the arm raises - it just doesn’t have a mesh attached, so it is not visible. As far as objects staying in, could you be a little more specific on that? How did the objects come out. As for the NZ bot, outtake speed is a known issue and I have a plan to fix it. And finally, yes, doublers and negators are planned for the next release; the framework for those pieces has already been added to the score keeping mechanism, the objects themselves just need to be implemented.

Again, thanks for the feedback. Stick around for the next release!

OK, here it is.

I go and pick up a ball, then raise the arm full speed. The ball flies out the front of the intake.

Could you add something where the object sits in a certain place until it is spet out. Have it rest in between to metal flaps or something.


A few things to chew on…

Sometimes when I go to score, the ball/barrel misses and it goes of the field. Could you somehow make it so that once the ball/barrel falls off the edge, it waits like 3 sec. then it gets put back on the field, close to the spot it fell off?

Maybe in the future, have an online play option? I think that would be awesome!

Also, could you add something that lets you start on any starting tile, and have it automaticaly add the pre-loads?

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: