VirtualVEX (by Team 245) — How to Open?

I get to the folder but i have no idea how to open the program itself

@rayroy1103, what you just said makes very little sense to me.

Could you, please, clarify your question and explain the abbreviations?


OP is referring to this.

but it’s been several years since anyone tried that out.


How do i use the program. I am trying to get drive practice in for next year.

It might not be supported on your Operating System. In 2013, Windows had Windows 8.1, and I’m sure you’re way beyond that. OS just works differently nowadays and might not know how to operate the file. (But I don’t know for sure, because this is just a shot in the dark)

I might try to go through and just try to open up any file you can within the folder. .exe files usually run something, at least from my experiences.

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