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Hi guys, we are virus robotics, a high school team based at East Barnet School in the UK.

Last year three of our members attended the world championships and you may know Tall668 from the forums.

We are preparing for our London regional at the moment. We shall do a reveal a bit nearer the time. We have a website, YouTube channel and Facebook page were we are currently posting videos of our design so far, feel free to take a look!

If anyone here is from the Uk or is interested. We are looking to make a series of videos explaining what to except before your first competition. We will also look at some of the basics of robotics like simple easyC programming and notebooks.

FB: [

Any thoughts and suggestions would be welcomed- Virus robotics](

sounds good ! have subbed !

Great to see new teams getting involved on the forums, welcome!

Quick question: Do you know roughly how many VEX teams there are in the UK?


There were 23 teams at last years nationals. The completions this year can hold a maximum of 130 teams. However, it is more likely we will have somewhere between 65-90.

hi, i agree, i know our workshops have resulted in at least 4 new teams, and i am guessing there is a lot more around the country (especially near bristol) … i think that 60-80 is a sound estimate, i will get you an exact figure in the next couple of days


In the uk we are still in the early stages. We don’t learn any robotics in lessons yet, but my school are in the process of writing a curriculum. Sack attack is proving a much harder than gateway for new teams. We have has lots of scores so far in single figures.

Hopefully the number of teams and standard will improve over time and we will end up with 100+ teams

Virus robotics

i am hoping that next years game will encourage lots more teams to start up, because vex recently did a magazine which went to every design and technology teacher in the uk (vex, shifting stem into gear) … i hope this gets loads more teams … more teams … better competitions ! :smiley:

hello !!! … there are currently around 73 teams in the UK (data from robotevents) … thought i would let people know