Vision Camera

Since the CMU Pixy Cam is the camera used on the V5 brain and can be used this year, would a CMU PixyCam be allowed with the Cortex? It can be accessed in RobotC thru the Uart port. Thank you.

If you’re in VRC, then this is definitely a no - this isn’t listed in any of the exceptions of <R7>.
In The VEXU Appendix, Rule states:

It should definitely be fine for use if you are in VEXU.

Two points:

  1. The V5 Vision Sensor is based on, but is not the same as, the Pixy.
  2. The Turning Point game manual does not list the Pixy an allowable non-VEX component. So, no, you can’t use if for competition.

I’m pretty sure you can’t use the cortex in VEXU.

If you have ROBOTC code for doing that, would you mind sharing it? I got some code from a VEXU team but I’m having a hard time understanding exactly how it works.

FullMetalMentor, sorry I currently do not have code but was wondering about using it for some other robotics event. We do botball & do use a different camera there. Then I saw your comment on the forum so was told to ask about being able to use it since those with V5 would be able to use what I had thought was the same camera. Sorry, I might have code in the future (about Oct) because that’s when my team might be using it for our other event.