Vision Senor

I was wondering if we are aloud to use a vision senor to be able to see where we needed to line up to the goals.

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ofc bbg no need to ask

Is that not the entire intention of the vision sensor??

I would not suggest it though, unless you are very experienced at coding, since it’s pretty difficult to get it working in my experience.

I disagree. I think that once you learn how to assign signatures, and then Vision1.takesnapshot(signature), and then just ask Vision1.largestobject.CenterX(), now you know where the big blue/red/yellow thing is in your camera, and incorporate it into a very simple drive pid.

However you do need guidance if you have never coded a PID. Once you have, then its pretty easy to make Inertial, Drive Straight, Vision Seeking, Aimbot, etc PIDs