Vision sensor and Blue blootooth program loading

Hi. Is it possible to use Vision sensor. i cant find the device to choose?

And the possibility to bluetooth load my program to robot is missing . it is said to be ok but i cant find in Brain menu the Brain choose + to use Bluetooth radio contact (when Brain is ‘green’ and in Robot blue radio choose ok)

The vision sensor can currently only be used with Robot Mesh Studio if using IQ.

Bluetooth currently only works with the iOS VEXcode IQ Blocks app. I have read that other devices will support Bluetooth later.

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The next update to VEXcode IQ Blocks will add support for the Vision Sensor.

Bluetooth downloading is currently only supported on iOS (iPadOS) platform.

So, does anyone have information when VEXcode IQ Blocks will have bluetooth download support for OSX?


It would be GREAT to have Bluetooth downloading on OSX :smiley:

One of the reasons why I moved us from RobotMesh.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s on the roadmap, eventually:

So does this mean we can go ahead and order the vision sensor and we will be able to use it soon? We were going to buy it, but the sale page said that compatibility with IQ was coming soon. So we were sure if we could use it yet.

You can use it with RobotMesh Studio now and have been able to for many months. It’s also supported in VEXcode IQ Blocks but I think it needs a few tweaks at the moment.
Remember it’s not competition legal but great for other projects.