Vision Sensor and MAC Big Sur OS Issue

Last week during robotics camp, I and one of my students were running Big Sur OS on our macs and using VEX Code V5 (not pro), We were unable to get the video feed from the vision sensor to load. All other students were able to see the video feed fine.

Anyone know of a fix?


Big Sur introduced a lot of issues for developers by not including critical libraries. This impacts things like Tournament Manager and many other useful resources.

I do not believe this is entirely correct. You may be thinking of MacOS Catalina dropping support for 32-bit apps.
What happened with Big Sur is that system libraries which previously had corresponding copies on the filesystem are now only present in the dynamic linker cache. From my understanding, this means that while the libraries are accessible in the same manner as before (dlopen()-ing the path), their lack of presence on the disk means that programs checking for their presence by checking a location disk will now suffer issues. The officially supported way of doing this is to just attempt to dlopen() the path anyways, and it will fail if the library is not present, and thus software using this method is not affected by the change. Here’s a link to the Release notes explaining this.

However, it does seem that some common dependencies used the unsupported method of checking for the libraries, so therefore all programs which rely on those dependencies will encounter issues. As you mentioned, Tournament Manager is affected due to some of its python dependencies using the problematic library loading technique. Unfortunately, considering Tournament Manager is using Python 2, which ceased receiving support and bug fixes on January 1st, 2020, I would imagine it would be difficult to resolve the issue without migrating to a more modern version of Python.

As for the Vision utility itself, if the issue is indeed due to the same system library problem, considering its much smaller size, and that it is not (to my knowledge) using Python 2, it should be much easier to update to be compatible with the new library loading system.


I defer to your explanation. I am not defending Apple nor developers on this. Just a big bump for developers to overcome and impacts things like Tournament Manager which VRC events need.

That said, Big Sur has brought a number of changes that do not sit well with independent developers.

guess long way of saying “ugh”.

We’re pushing an update next week to support the V5 GPS along with some other fixes - we’ve tested internally and know this upcoming build works on Big Sur (vision utility included) and will reunify the VEXcode Mac + Big Sur Beta builds into a single package.

So, stay tuned.


Appreciate your transparency and communicating on status of development.



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