Vision Sensor as camera?

Hi, my school is interested in competing in another competition for urban search and rescue alongside VRC which we have in our state. But the problem is we need a bunch of cameras to respond to our computers for a live feed, is there any way to set that up with the vex vision sensor?

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This doesn’t seem like vex, so if there’s a rule book of sorts that could be helpful for us. I think the v5 vision sensor can be a live feed, but if it is allowed, I recommend just using a GoPro or some other camera that will have lots of documentation abt creating a live feed


The vision sensor has wifi and can stream video IIRC. I think its disabled by default.

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To get a live video feed of the vision sensor, you need to first turn on the vision sensor wifi in the Brain settings and then connect your device to the wifi that shows up. Then go to the address on that device in a browser.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. The vision sensor cannot be used for its normal purpose and provide a live feed.
  2. Since you need to connect to the vision sensor’s wifi directly, you will likely only be able to connect to one sensor at a time on a device.
  3. The vision sensor has a very low resolution.

You are probably better off going with another solution, maybe a raspberry Pi and PiCams or webcams.