Vision sensor AttributeError

Im currently trying to make a program that turns my robot towards a object with the specified signature and am relatively new. After multiple attempts, i can’t find the error due to the fact that the VEX code V5 editor doesnt give me the right line that the error is on.
(using python)

    if vision_11.take_snapshot(vision_11__SIG_1):
        if vision_11.largest_object.centerX < 158:
        elif vision_11.largest_object.centerX > 158:
        elif vision_11.largest_object.centerX == 158:

Not really enough code there to determine what the error is. Can you attach the project to this topic.


Thats all the code, like i said, the editor states errors on lines that dont actually exist, so im unable to pinpoint where the error is.

ok, well perhaps attach the VEXcode project to this topic so I can review the robot configuration.

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