Vision Sensor Blowing Ports

We have lost 4 brain ports to our vision sensor wrecking them. It still gets power, but no longer can talk to the brain through that port. Our brain has two vision sensors at the end of long cables, and on several occasions in the past week, the vision sensor stopped working, though the light stayed on and it could be connected to via wifi. When checking the brain, it showed that no device was connected to that port. Upon changing the port, it now works.

Our team had an otherwise flawless pursuit code that enabled it to track and grab game pieces consistently, but ran out of ports at State. They were no longer able to use their vision code, resulting in a low programming skills, several compromised Autonomous routines, and lots of frustration. Has anyone else experienced ports burning out due to vision sensors?

NOE: One sensor blew out one port, and the other sensor blew out 3 ports, so its not contained to just one vision sensor, and every field it has been on has had antistatic tiles.

Are the sensors on isolated and or insulated sections of the robot? This could allow it to build up a static charge.


They are on the top of the lift, which is likely electrically isolated since they are mounted on screw shafts with bearings and the metal to metal contact is limited.

Perhaps add a small metal to metal zone to allow the electrostatic charge to flow to the ground.

Yes, we had the same problem when the vision sensor was put at the end of long cable. We had to switched spot for the vision sensor.

Good luck!