Vision Sensor Brightness Block?

Could access to this brightness/gain of the vision sensor please be added to VEXcode Blocks?

PROS has APIs to deal with brightness:

The VEX IQ field and PLTW SDV mat are both white and the vision sensor wrongly darkens everything because the image thinks it is too bright. This darkening means colors become indistinguishable.

Persisting Bug:

You can set brightness using the vision utility.

VEXcode also has access to brightness directly when using text.

      bool            setBrightness( uint8_t value );
      uint8_t         getBrightness( void );


The brightness in the Vision Utility has a bug:

  1. Click “Configure” on the Vision Sensor to open the Vision Utility.
  2. Click the double-headed arrow for Brightness.
  3. Change the slider to 105. (You’ll see the camera preview get brighter.)
  4. Close the Vision Utility.
  5. Click “Configure” to open the Vision Utility again.
  6. You’ll see the image is brighter.
  7. Click the double-headed arrow for Brightness.
  8. The value is back to 50 (it should be 105).

(I think the real issue I’m trying to work through is dealing with auto-exposure. I’ll address that in its own thread.)


Here’s the auto-exposure issue/challenge/request: Vision Sensor API to Disable Auto-Exposure