Vision sensor color tracking please help

Hello, Im trying to use vision sensor but I dont know how to code it at all.
Can you please tell me how to code sensor for tracking an object/color. I tried basic example for detecting color, it didnt work very well for blue,red,green. İt confuses the colors. Please help Im lost :frowning:

There’s some tutorials on how to setup and use the Vision Sensor which should help you get started. Same tutorials apply for both Blocks and Text.


thank you, I watched and did the things on the videos, after I configure for a red bottle object. It finds the object and says " found" but it also says that when the object is not there. How can I solve this problem? İs there a specific thing to do for config?
And can I use the sensors on the IQ set(bumper,touchled,distance exc.)?

Can you post your program? This sounds more like a programming logic error rather than a malfunctioning sensor.

Program is the one in the Open examples. Vision sensor blue-red-green. And I config the colors with some objects, it says found for other things too. I think my config is wrong, Im missing something. Which objects should I use with the config?

Make sure your sensitivity isn’t too high. It could just be sensing everything.

Thnak you, now I can go to a blue object for example with drive or stop but how can I go to different angles?

Something like this. Is it too hard to do? Which blocks should I use for coding? Is there any resourses? :slight_smile: