Vision Sensor Confusion

Yesterday I was helping one of the teams at my school programming the vision sensor. This was the first time anyone at my school was really dabbling with them and we’ve had them since sometime late 2018 because well we’re a high school in Alabama and not the most skilled in programming. I developed a program that had the vision sensor detect the largest red object and make the robot turn to make it lined up center with the vision sensor. When the vision sensor is connected to brain it shows the camera but in all black and yellow outlines in the black which represent the red objects kind of like some kind of aircraft display thing on the brain, it’s quite rad, I’m happy with that. However I know there’s ways to directly connect to the vision sensor and see exactly what it sees.
The V5 System Architecture says I can plug into the usb port with my computer and I can see images and results but when I plugged it in all that happened was it installed the drivers then did nothing, I ejected it and plugged it back in and nothing happened. I am perplexed on how to view the vision sensor so any help would be appreciated if I’m doing anything wrong. I know I can connect to it over wifi and didn’t test it yesterday because I didn’t remember that till an hour ago so I’ll try that this afternoon. Thank you.

If anyone knows better ways to program the vision sensor I’d love to know too, I’m still pretty confused on it.

You have to use a vision sensor config utility to set signatures. Every programming solution has a version of it. What are you programming with?

If you have a computer with a wifi card in it you can put a line of code in at the start of your program to turn on the wifi setting on the vision sensor and then connect your computer to the wifi. after that open an internet browser and go to the ip address that should show you what the robot sees. note that the wifi on the camera is automatically turned off when connecting to a field controller

VCS sadly

Yeah I knew of that I just wanted the direct connection.

Okay so I believe from what I’ve interpreted that you want to see what it sees but my question is if you want it during the program or just in general? See the vision sensor can live stream to most devices such as your ordinary laptop. What you do is go into settings and enable the vision sensor WiFi. From here you go onto your laptop and connect to it. Next you would go into google and type in the ip address: This will take you to a live stream of what the sensor sees. Now I believe that you can run a program while doing this but I have not tested this yet. Hope this helps clear some stuff up

Why don’t you use V5 Vision Utility