Vision sensor didn't work with VCS Modkit example code

I’m working on learning how to program my vision sensor and I found an example code from official site as below:
VCS Example program

After I finished configure vision sensor, SIG_1 as Yellow, SIG_2 as Green, SIG_3 as Red, open VCS Modkit and wrote the same code with the example, download successfully, then run it, but nothing happened. I used VEX IQ 3" cube and colorful parts to test,no matter yellow or green or red object, the robot have no reaction. I’ve check my V5 brain and smart motors, both were ok, and I have updated my brain to the latest version of 1.0.2.

Anyone know what’s the problem? I’m trying to use VCS C++ to program and test, got the same issue, any suggestion will be helpful, thanks in advance.

No matter what software you use, the vision sensor is very sensitive to lighting changes. I would start trouble shooting by reconfiguring the color signatures under the lighting you want the robot to recognize them in and work from there.

When you go back into the vision utility, havr the signatures been retained (i.e. can it “see” the objects on the screen, they should be outlined if it can).
Our beta units forget the signatures and the only way wr can use them is to teach the sensor manually (using the the button on top) each time we go to use them.

VCS should send signatures stored in the program to the vision sensor each time you run it.

I’ll check the example again here later.

Thats interesting. Is there anywhere I can see that data in the VCS program?

Only when using C++ Pro. The vision sensor constructor has all the details, that’s in robot-config.h, but we hide that file in blocks and VEX C++.

When the vision sensor utility is opened from VCS, any information already in the program is transferred to the utility and also sent to the vision sensor.

@calvc01 seems that’s the problem that the vision sensor forget the signatures. but I made another test, use two USB cables connect to my laptop,the first one connect to V5 Brain to download program, the second cable connect to vision sensor, when I run the code, I can see the vision sensor screen and the object was captured correctly, but my robot still have no action.

Thanks, I didn’t realized that light will affect the vision sensor a lot, will give more tests to trouble shooting.

According to @calvc01 suggestion, I found the vision sensor signatures was gone indeed, after run the code. seems the signatures configuration can’t be stored, does that means my vision sensor was broken? or this issue just happened with beta device.