Vision Sensor Documentation

The VEX Vision Sensor seems to be a useful device with substantial capability. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any concise user manual or directions on how to effectively make use of it.
I have been able to work off generously shared code and some youtubes to put together test programs to identify multiple objects and to track an object. But all this comes from fragmented sources, and I am sure there is more that can be learned.
For example,
• What does the red button on the top of the sensor do?
• When the light on the top of the sensor is on steadily showing a particular color, say white or green, what is it telling me?
• What code would I put in a program to turn on the Vision sensor Wi-Fi?
Is there some resource that provides information for questions like these?
If not, can we create one for this valuable device?

button is currently disabled for normal operation. It is used, however, when performing a firmware upgrade.

Wifi can be enabled via V5 settings screen.

So … there is no decent documentation we can refer to?
Again, is this something that we can begin putting together?
It seems quite a shame this is lacking.

Given teams are using vision sensors, it does seem that there is “decent” documentation for competition teams. It is a bit odd to wait two months to respond to a thread you created and answer from the community.

So, the question - what do you need for “decent” documentation for the vision sensor? This will help frame responses and develop better documentation.

In addition to the resources jpearman sent you, most V5 programming environments (Robot Mesh, PROS, etc.) have their own documentation that details how to use the vision sensor, including example code. There is plenty of documentation available.