Vision Sensor Does Not Connect

The vision sensor wont connect, i have tried multiple cords and the light on the top of it will only turn purple and then go out. I have only gotten it to work and turn green one time. Is there any tips you guys could give me to make it be green more?

my code is below (it has worked before though)

  while (1 == 1) {
if (visionballs.objectCount > 0) {
  return 0;
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Get a better wire. Filler text

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i have tried multiple cords (like all of them)

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Find more and try them

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im starting to feel like this is a problem with the way im pluggin the coords in (or the sensor itself)

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Are you plugging it into the sensor and have you configured it?

We have encountered this issue and we discovered that the port on the brain needed to be changed, which solved our problem. Also, be sure that the vision sensor is set up correctly with the signatures.

From our testing, a purple light means the vision sensor has not been “initialized” even with perfect code. What we do is restart the program a couple times until both our vision sensors turn green. This is especially important in a competition setting, where after both sensors turn green, they stay green for the duration of that battery cycle. Hope this helps.