Vision sensor focal length

Hey everyone, is anyone aware what the focal length of the vision sensor is?

See this.

That quote is about field of view, not focal length. These are two quite distinctly different things, though there is a relation when you’re dealing with how much of an image can be projected onto the receptors. Of course, the original question is a little quirky, as usually cameras have ranges of focal lengths, rather than a single focal length. As the question is in a VRC channel, I’m not so sure focal length really matters. You’ll have no problem getting objects from the maximum 17 feet on a field down to pretty close to the camera in focus to identify them. Since the VRC objects aren’t tiny, once an object is too close to the camera, it will take up so much of the field of view that identifying anything other than the color starts becoming pretty meaningless, so losing focus won’t really be an issue. So, while I cannot tell you the range of focal lengths, I doubt it really matters in VRC beyond knowing the range is more than sufficient.

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