Vision Sensor Having Issues Seeing Objects

When I connect my Vision Sensor to my computer it can see all of my objects just fine. However, when I use it with my programs it seems to have a much harder time recognizing objects. Is there any way to fix this?

Most likely your code. Did you try using my example code ?

What are you using VCS, VEXcode ?

VEXcode. I will try that example program.

In my experience, the vision sensor has difficulty remembering signature and brightness settings directly from the utility.
Instead, what seems to work is to manually configure the signatures in the code using values from the utility. There are vision commands to set signatures and brightness.
This happens automatically with VCS and RMS, but I am not sure about VEXcode.


Sense it can find the objects on your computer, I think it’s your code. Before you can read any objects you need to take a snapshot. It’s been a while sense I’ve used VexC++ but it should be under vision sensor in the side pain.

I’m doing that.

Vision signatures were always intended to be downloaded from code, the fact that the vision sensor can remember signatures is really an unsupported feature, it was how the original code that the vision sensor code was based on worked.

In VEXcode, vision setup is done by creating a new header file and using the configure control.

several headers could be created with different configurations. The one you want to use should be included at the top of main.cpp.