Vision sensor is black and white without strong lighting, can that be changed in pros?

Our vision sensor is black and white if the lighting is a little dim, is there a way to fix this in pros, if not, is there another way we can?

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that’s just the vision sensor being not fantastic. make sure the brightness is all the way up in the vision sensor utility, and that’s about as good as it will get.
vision sensor works best when facing towards an open, well lit area without very many distractions, which really narrows its possible uses. if you just want to detect different colors, vex is coming out with a new sensor for that sometime soonish.


thank you. We were planning on using it for close range, but the need for extreme lighting kinda killed that. We were testing with it, and it needs to be extremely bright for it to work… it’s sad

We almost used a VEX flashlight in conjunction with the vision sensor last season to make sure the vision sensor could detect the cubes. I don’t think there’s much else you can do that makes an easy workaround, and you can’t really change it in the code.


Thank you! we are planning on using this… i found out there was a flashlight like an hour ago XD

I don’t think that the flashlight is legal, correct me if I am wrong

We looked in to it, and it is legal as long as it wont mess with other robots sensors…

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The flashlight is legal. The rule you’re misrembering is the one that says you can’t interfere with the Vision sensor of an opponent, which includes the VEX flashlight as an example.

I’ll also warn you that we never matched the full brightness of the flashlight on V5 as you would on cortex. Other threads suggested that it was because the maximum output on a port is 5 volts instead of the 7.2V on cortex.


Thanks!, I didn’t know that, I might use the vision sensor now…

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