Vision Sensor Joystick

I recently managed to set up a vision sensor to my robot, and so far it’s pretty cool!

One thing I had a question about is that when I was streaming, I noticed that the vision sensor ( streamed it’s video, but it also had a box that I think is called the “Joystick,” but I can’t find any way to use it in PROS or VCS. The Joystick didn’t seem to do anything, but it made me wonder if there are any plans to add this feature in the future? Maybe you will be able to control your robot through the vision sensor?

I was wondering this also. Another thing I wanted to know was is there a use for the red button on the top of the vision sensor besides holding to update the firmware. I figured you could use it to set signatures like the Pixy.

I was wondering what that button does as well! I noticed that the led on the top of the camera glows a specific color depending on the objects in front of it, although that may be dependent on the color signatures that you already have set. Other than that, you might be able to set a signature based on the most prevalent color it detects. Further testing is required!

Do you have the issue of when starting a PROS program, you have to unplug and plug back in the vision sensor for it to recognize signatures? Because when I turn my robot on, the vision sensor starts up and recognizes the signatures correctly, but when I start the program, it stops recognizing the colors until I unplug it and plug it back in.

It seems no one is answering this question?
I am new to the forum and don’t yet know all the group and reply protocols.
Has anyone seen any documentation on that red button’s function?
How did you know it enabled firmware updates?
How do you know when these updates are complete?

I have not had that issue, but I have had other issues. Rather than using the standalone VEX Vision sensor program, I use the one built-in to VEX Coding Studios.

I found forums on the purpose of the button with @jpearman I believe saying that it was for firmware updates. You only press this button if you have a firmware update ready, which as far as I know, one has not yet come out, so no need to worry about it yet.