Vision Sensor Not recognizing colors

Im using V5 EDR Vision sensor on clawbot. When I make the basic coding for the sensor to find the colors(RGB) it doesnt work quite good. İt finds the color and writes to screen Blue color found for example but then it says not found. I watched the tutorial but I couldnt find the Vision Utility and my sensor has only one port but the sensor on the video has more then one. How can I use properly my sensor please help. :slight_smile:

Have you tried using another sensor?

How are you programming the sensor ? perhaps post your code here.
If you look at the V5 dashboard when you are running your code, do you see the detected objects ?


When your code is not running, you can test the vision sensor with our preset values for red, green, blue and yellow, but these settings are not related to anything in your program, they are just for testing if it is working.


Make sure you have enough lighting for the camera as well, the camera will only read greyscale without enough light


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