Vision Sensor Object Measurements

I am using a vision sensor and trying to measure an object. Does anyone know what the default measurement is that the sensor records for objects it detects (mm, cm in)? If so, how can I convert that measurement to inches, in a this line that reports the height of the object:



It’s probably pixels isn’t it? The sensor has no way of knowing how physically large an object is because that depends on distance and angle.


That is correct, if my memory does not lie to me.

Read a little closer in the command help, it does return the measurement in between a range of 2 - 212 pixels.


The vision sensor reports size in pixels, if you know the range to the object you could likely do a conversion to get an estimated size. similarly if you know the size of say a game piece, you could derive what the distance to the sensor is with a little math and having collected data on the pieces at various distances. At least that is one of the approaches I was interested in experimenting with. I’m not sure how accurate it would be, but it’s fun to experiment and see if it’s possible.

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