Vision Sensor Programming Frustration

In VEXcode V5 Blocks:

  1. Any chance you could make SIG_1, SIG_2, SIG_3…, and SIG_7 keywords that are available on the “take a snapshot of ___” vision sensing block without having to configure the sensor? They would refer to the corresponding signatures 1-7 whatever their status. Then, if the user configures the vision sensor any custom names could replace the placeholders. (Right now, if I code and test a V5 Blocks program and then provide it to students on their account it will fail to download to the brain because they haven’t configured the robot even if it’s the same robot I programmed with.)

  2. Is there anyway to provide default signatures? When navigating the Brain’s on-screen menu it looks like there are some preset color signatures (Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, etc). Can the camera be reset to looking for these without needing to plug in the usb?

  3. The brightness of the camera is constantly auto-adjusting. Can this be stopped or controlled?

I teach several classes throughout the day with a class set of 10 VEX V5 robots with Vision Sensors. Programming with a vision sensor on a shared robot is often troublesome.

The separation between the camera and the brain is a definite point of confusion. Usable and useful camera defaults would allow exploring the vision sensor without having to address this complexity.

Are you providing the students with the “.v5blocks” project file you create ? If so, there should be no need to configure the vision sensor, the configuration is saved as part of the project file and will be sent to the vision sensor when the program is executed.

This is difficult because object detection is very sensitive to the exact color of the object and environmental conditions.

The dashboard for the vision sensor is going to be reworked, i’m not sure these are even hooked up in any useful way the the moment.

That’s something we can look into, I’m not sure if it’s possible to disable auto exposure.