Vision sensor question

Can you live stream the video feed of a vision sensor to the controller?


The V5 controller does not have the functionality to stream live video to it’s screen. However, using VEX Coding Studio, you should be able to send text data to the screen (i.e. how many objects found, X-Y position, etc).

The Vision Sensor can stream video to a smart phone (or similar device) via Wifi. Here’s how:

  1. Connect the Vision Sensor to a V5 Brain
  2. On the V5 Brain, select Settings --> Vision Sensor Wifi --> On
  3. On your phone, go to Wifi connections. You should see a device listed with “VISION_xxx” (xxx will be a unique device ID). Connect to this device
  4. On your phone’s web browser, go to

Note there are limitations while streaming via Wifi:
a) Object detection data will not be sent to the V5 Brain
b) Wifi streaming is disabled when plugged into a Competition field.

Mike Beem
Director of Hardware Engineering
VEX Robotics