Vision Sensor Rules

We hosted our home meet last Saturday and teams were using vision sensors. Our school’s main color is blue so a few teams had people wearing black stand behind the net and set of flags they were targeting in order for the vision sensor to not get distracted by the blue in the school. As far as I know, the referees didn’t say anything about it, and I am just wondering if it was legal or not.

The only people in the vicinity of the competition fields during matches should be the 6 drive team members for each alliance and tournament officials, such as referees and scorers. This is primarily for safety reasons.

As indicated on the V5 inspection checklist, it is the teams’ responsibility to have their vision sensors properly calibrated for the event, including in this case confidently detecting flags despite the blue coloring of the venue.

The people who were standing behind the net were members of the competing team, does this change this rule? If not, where can I find this rule in the game manual? Or what is the code for this rule, like the letter and number?

If the people only stood behind the net for when their team was going it probably isn’t ok. If they talked to the ref and had a sheet put up behind the net that might be ok. It’s all up to the ref though. This also might not come up again.

I don’t know the specific rule number but you could go read the manual.

Team members are only allowed in their respective alliance station. See rule <G7>.

Depending on the exact circumstances of the situation, the team(s) in question likely also violated <S1>.

Okay, thanks for the clarification.

There was also a team that had their parent stand behind the net with something blue to help the sensor detect the flag. They ended up doing very well in skills. Where is this stated in the rules that this is illegal?

These are not good things - please contact your RECF Regional Support Manager about these irregularities.

There should be no reason why an adult is at the fields, unless student has a document 1:1 aide. Moreover, this scenario of providing robot alignment is so grossly out of the norm of what is correct - <G1> covers this.

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