Vision Sensor Saving Signatures


I am having a problem getting the Vision Sensor to save signatures with the V5 Vision Utility. If I keep trying after about 5 times, it will work. But if I go to tune something small and it doesn’t save, I have to restart the entire process because it erases all the saved signatures. If it helps I am using PROS C++ to program. Thanks.


I just figured out if you don’t freeze the frame when selecting colors to save, it will save every time. But if you freeze the frame to select a color, it will not save.


Yes. That took us a while. The instructions tell you to unfreeze before exiting, and it will save. If it’s still frozen, it won’t save. Going super-carefully step-by-step through the instructions really helped us there.


Use the vision sensor utility built-into vex coding studio, not the standalone one.