Vision Sensor usage for Change-Up

Does anyone know how to use the vision sensor to detect change up balls, from setting it up in Vision utility to determing the colors? And also programming it in Pros to work? I checked the APi, but couldn’t really figure out how to do it. Can someone help me for detecting balls in Change-Up. Thanks
And maybe a list of which colors represent which color signignitures, thanks.

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@Xenon27 has a vision sensor on his current robot, but if i remember correctly he said it wasn’t detecting the balls very well. If you have the time to wait, I would try to buy one of the new color sensors that VEX just released as they should hopefully be better. Besides that i hope xenon can help you out


I tried using a vision sensor to detect ball colors, but it didn’t work very well at all so I didn’t end up using it for anything. the lighting conditions need to be extraordinarily bright for the sensor to tell the difference between blue and red unfortunately.


But then if I have optimal lighting conditons is this syntax available in pros C++?
It couldn’t find it in the C++ API only the C API
This is the only one I coudl find from the c++ API:
Maybe @hotel knows
Can you help me? What are the differences between the two? Thanks


Hmm, that’s weird I couldn’t find it thanks. What does it return? A bool, or double?

if you actually read the thing i linked, you’d know it returns neither a bool nor a double, but a pros::vision_signature_s_t


I know some teams used LED’s in the past for for fun, but could one not use them to make the lighting conditions the exact same at every tournament? Is that allowed?

no, because the LED’s would then be providing a function, making them no longer count as non-functional decoration.

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only if they catch ya

If you’re shining a light on the field that’s bright enough to effect the lighting conditions seen by your sensor, it’s probably going to be noticeable to the refs.

Also, “knowingly violating a rule and hoping refs don’t notice” is a bad idea, and arguably violates the RECF Code of Conduct.


Something the size of the balls are really good for detecting with the vision sensor. Changing conditions will affect things but that only means learning the two signatures on each field (if they differ) and then having a UI to say what field you are on before the match.

You could also just buy a Vex Flashlight and use that.

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