Vision Sensor Uses

Does anybody have any ideas on how to use the vision sensor this year?


Is this more of a strategy question along the lines of “what do we use it for” or a technical “how do we set it up and get information” question?

Strategy. We already got it set up.

We are a new team this year and we are trying to figure out how to use our new vision

Maybe am autoaligning function, like if a cube was close enough and within a certain distance from the center of the bot, then the not could auto align when a button was pressed

Perhaps during driver control to align the robot with a tower.

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I’ve thought about hiding the cubes in my tray, using a vision sensor to keep track of which went in and displaying the colors on the controller screen. However, I haven’t found any way to display the colors into the controller, so…

Well I mean there’s not really a reason to hide cubes in your tray, because the opposing drivers can see through the holes in the metal.
Also weight.

Ok going off of the idea that a team has the sole goal of hiding cubes, couldn’t they theoretically place sheets of printer paper with decorations on top of the metal plates to obscure the view of the cubes or would this be illegal?

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Paper isn’t a vex part and since it has a purpose, no it wouldn’t be legal

I mean couldn’t one claim it’s a decoration if they place a bunch of stickers onto it?

I mean yeah they could, but it would be lying and not in the spirit of the competition.
Remember, just because you could doesn’t mean you should.


I mean just for the sake of hiding the cubes I was theorizing this method. But totally agree about your spirit of competition point.

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This is my moment to shine

Im assuming this is for tower takeover and not just some fun at home/ school with a V5 kit.
but I have heard of teams being worried that field parameters will occasionally not be perfectly aligned this can of course mess up an autonomous. my solution is to use the vision sensor to track the first cube you pick up and let it do the alignment.

edit: adding to this: this can make sure you dont miss that first cube and insure that everything runs smoothly in the autonomous period.

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it would be interesting to detect the colors of the cubes during autonomous, and get an alert if the ref accidentally swapped the colors. I feel like accidental color swaps may be an issue