Visit MS Team 3887E @ Worlds

Hey all,

Wanted to let everyone know we are coming back to World’s in our second year and would love to meet some other MS teams from all over. We were there last year but it was our first year in the robotics program and frankly it was a little overwhelming (but so much fun). This year we were better prepared and are excited for World’s!

We have benefitted so much from the advice and help we have gotten here on the forums and would love to put usernames with faces.

Our team this year has won a driver skills award, a programming skills award, an excellence award and an overall tournament champion award so we are ready this year! We finished 41-2 in qualifying matches this year but we know the class of competition is going way up for World’s.

We are still working on a few tweaks and just added a pneumatic-powered de-scoring mechanism but here are some earlier shots of our bot.

Hope you will all come by and see us, we are excited to see all the amazing teams and robots and we’ll actually have a trinket to give away this year so come by early!

Nice Robot!

Whats your score in Robot Skills and Programming Skills? My little brother’s team already wants to visit xD


Our highest score formally in robot skills so far is 80 points - but they are working hard to get over 100. For driver skills its in the 160 range so far. Hope your brother can make it by!