Vison Sensor on a Holonomic X chassis Code Help

Hey Guys I need some help. For this year’s game, my team is doing a robot that incorporates an x-chassis and a vision sensor on our robot. I know how to code a vision on a regular chassis. But never have on an x chassis. So can you guys help me? Things that will help me is codes example in C++ or vexcode pro, of vision sensor on x chassis, or tell me. So again can you guys help me?

why would the code for a vision sensor be any different on a different drivetrain?


It would help us to know what you are trying to do.

All we know right now is that you have a vision sensor attached to your drivebase, but we don’t know what the sensor is supposed to accomplish.


It supposed to track and get very close to the Change-Up Balls and is suppose to move in a very direction, without stopping to turn or change direction.

It seems like your problem isn’t with the vision sensor itself, but with moving the X-drive. The code to actually use the data from the vision sensor should be exactly the same no matter the drivetrain. Can you share the code that you have currently/your specific algorithm for moving towards the balls?


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