Vista and EasyC 1.1

I have installed EasyC 1.1 (07-15-05, Version: 1.1, Build: 1) on Vista Home Premium and got it to Compile and Download to the Vex Controller.

This is not an Intelitek supported configuration, but it can be done…

Step-by-Step instructions are as follows…


Software is:

Windows Vista 6.0.6000 Home Premium

EasyC Date: 07-15-05, Version: 1.1, Build: 1

Process is:

I Installed from \Install\easyC.exe as Right-Click-Administrator.

I Did Not use Default Install Directory:
“C:\Program Files\Intelitek\easyC”

I Used a NON “Program Files” directory because of Application Directory Updates:

After Install, I ran EasyC 1.1 as Right-Click-Administrator, and received an error message about “Failure of Registration”, or something to that effect.

I Rebooted Vista, and Ran EasyC 1.1 as Right-Click-Administrator. It Starts OK, and it compiles OK.

I than Ran EasyC 1.1 as a Standard User. It Starts OK, and it compiles OK.

I than Ran EasyC 1.1 as a Standard User. It Starts OK, and it compiles OK, and it downloads OK. The On-Line Code also Downloads OK.

I only ran EasyC 1.1 in Evaluation Mode, but I would suspect that you will need to Run EasyC 1.1 as Right-Click-Administrator, to Fully Register it.


The Technical Explanation:

EasyC 1.1 reads and writes Data Files and Temporary Files in Application’s Install Directory. Under Vista, this causes problems, since the User Access Control (UAC) system, seems to want the Data Files to be located under the Current Users Profile rather than the Application’s Install Directory. EasyC 1.1 won’t look in the Current Users Profile, because it was not designed that way. Starting with the Vista Aware versions of EasyC 2.x and EasyC Pro (3.x), some of the Files are moved from the Applications Install Directory.

For instance for EasyC 2.x, some of the Data Files are moved to “%AppData%\Intelitek\easyC V2 for Vex”, while the Sample Code and Temp Directory are moved to “%HomeDrive%%HomePath%\My Documents\Intelitek\easyC V2 for Vex\Projects\Samples” and “%HomeDrive%%HomePath%\My Documents\Intelitek\easyC V2 for Vex\HEX”, respectively.

CURRENT FIX: The User Access Control (UAC) system currently (with no Service Packs) is only concerned with the “%SystemRoot%\Program Files” (usually this is resolved as “C:\Program Files”). Installing EasyC 1.1 application in the Root Directory, causes the User Access Control (UAC) system to “ignore” the EasyC 1.1 application, reading and writing Data Files in the Application’s Install Directory.


For further info on Windows Environment Variables, look at this short list of, Environment Variables in Windows XP.

Heh. It took me forever to do.

Then I realized something:

You need to select “Run as Administrator” for it to detect your hardware.


So all I had to do for Vista Home Premium 64-bit was pop in the disk, install, and open as “Run as Admin” in order for it to give me the proper codes for licensing.

The “Run as Administrator” mode is needed to Update the Registry for the Licensing Key.

You most likely also have to run EasyC 1.1 as an Administrator all the time, to keep the UAC from complaining all the time. IF that is the case, Try using a NON “%SystemRoot%\Program Files” location for EasyC 1.1 and see if that makes EasyC "smoother to operate… You should be able to run EasyC as a Standard User.