I just wanted to know who likes windows Vista. I like it and I think it looks cool, but it has some problems.

I like some of the looks of Vista, but from a practical point, Vista is a Pain in the Behind. It causes many Program and Configuration issues, for very little gain. And its slower.

You want cool, check out a Mac with OS X.

I had a good half page on this issue that I was going to post, but we just got a new Vista computer after our last one killed itself (R.I.P. my old laptop) so I’m going to give Vista a test run and post sometime tomorrow afternoon from the perspective of a formerly microsoft-only (used only Linux for the past month or so) gamer and tinkerer.

I love Vista cuz it’s easy to hack, i deleted those stupid parental controls (cough cough, i’m awesome, cough)

It was slow & caused things to crash, so we spent $100 to downgrade to XP. Reformatted the hard drive, and we’re much happier now.

I’ve heard that Windows 7 is extremely stable. Even in it’s pre-beta stage. I hope that 7 will be a totally awesome operating system, and everything that I have seen makes me believe that it will be.

I finally have some time to get on and post, so here’s my spill on Windows Vista.

My previous computer was an HP Pavillion ZT3300 running Windows XP. It was a decent computer and lasted almost five years before it killed itself last month, so I have a pretty good amount of experience with XP.

We lived on a Dell Optiplex with Ubuntu for a while until last monday when we got our new laptop, an Asus G50v gaming laptop. Vista isn’t actually slow on my computer because it has top of the line components, but the bugs are still there and I have used friends’ computers and gotten the full sluggish experience.

Vista looks good, as it should, but looks can’t make up for everything. My old laptop was insanely bogged down with software in its old age, and it still started up faster than the semi-average computers at Best Buy. I actually clocked them with a stopwatch when we were shopping there, and mine beat several of them (no, I did not just test the crappy ones.)

The name Vista actually means a view, or prospect, one seen through a long, narrow avenue or passage. This is a pretty good description of Vista. It looks great, but you’re generally looking at it through a long avenue of bugs and issues. For example, the Steam media player is designed to fade the entire screen to black, and then begin the movie, and that is just what it does on XP. Vista, on the other hand, isn’t content with letting the transition go smoothly, and has to flash back to the desktop and show a Windows Media Player-like interface pop up before immediately going back to fullscreen. little bugs like this as well as the absence of a 64 bit Flash player make it seem like Vista isn’t quite ready for release yet. It’s as if Microsoft decided to kick Vista out on stage to perform while it was still learning its lines.

It all comes down to what the users think, so maybe Microsoft figured they could wow people with fancy graphics and get them to overlook the bugs. The problem with this idea is that it doesn’t work. My mom, for example, uses the computer for business. She never even bothers changing her wallpaper from whatever the computer comes with; and she, like many computer users, never deletes or organizes anything, eventually leading to the computer running even more slowly than before (which means that I end up getting on her account and cleaning house.) There are many people, such as business owners buying computers for offices, who don’t need their operating system to look good, and are going to be dissatisfied with it when it lags due to the more demanding appearance of Vista; and it’s needless to say that no one is fond of system bugs.

Summation: Vista has the potential to be good, but it just isn’t ready yet. Releasing a half-baked OS at the same time Mac released Leopard was not exactly a wise idea. Fortunately, there are programs such as TweakVista that allow users to fix some of the problems Vista has. It will probably be better than XP after Microsoft mops up the mess with their update packages, but it will knock Microsoft a blow until it’s done.

Unrelated: if I have one more thing I have to do this week, my head’s going to spontaneously explode with enough force to make national news

Vista, yes I will temporarily return to share some… thoughts on this.

I got Vista for my tricked out XPS 1710 and it worked fine for around 3 months. I began getting the blue screen-o-death and my computer restarting every 20 minutes. At one point Windows Explorer somehow became incompatible with Vista.

I fixed these all temporarily with Eusing Free Registry Cleaner (google it)

There are always a few smaller problems coming up but, if you have those major problems I recommend that. It is totally free and works fast and easy.

I get the bluescreen about once every couple of weeks due to some issue with the computer going into standby incorrectly. I’m pretty sure now that Vista crashes everything but Google Chrome and Steam, as Chrome and Steam are pretty much crash-proof.

Software compatibility seems to be an even bigger issue than lag for Vista. It doesn’t even get along with the manufacturer-loaded software at times. (It’s actually crashed my built-in performance manager before)

I would no longer be at all surprised if I saw something like this on vista.

Well I think that Vista is great if you know what your doing. If you gave vista to some guy on the street he wouldnt like it though my brother got vista and we all thought it would be a bad idea but surprisingly I like it better than any windows in this house (vista xp 2000 98 95 3.11) Vista is awsome and as long as you know how to turn off those annoying “safety” features then its all good. Though I really like my windows 2000 (my computer) but there isnt enough things to install onto it becasue everything these days require vista or xp :frowning:

LOL!!! That’s a great picture! As much as I like Vista, I HAD to laugh at this! My laptop works OK. It’s running on Vista. I rarely have problems. Sometimes my settings change strangely (what? you’re not supposed to be on! you’re supposed to be hibernating! and I leave my laptop open for 10 mins. I click the mouse and oddly, I don’t have to give a password)and an application fails or I get a message that I’m using the wrong charger. But that’s it. I get pretty great performance and Vista looks great.

Using the wrong charger? That’s one picky laptop. in retrospect, my laptop has ceased to crash as often as it used to. Vista doesn’t play nicely with gaming software though, which is not good considering that windows is the primary gaming OC. It actually switched all of the reds and blues around when I was playing Bioshock once. :confused:

That’s a problem! I was playing spore one time and none of the characters had color. They were just white or pink.

The final battle in Bioshock with the reds and blues revesed looks awesome. It makes the main villian look like Doc. Manhattan from Watchmen.

Windows 7 is the best. It’s better than vista…

It’s even faster than XP!

I certainly hope so, or Microsoft will be screwed and I’ll have to find another gaming platform.

I really hate vista with a passion. XP ftw :smiley:

Windows 7 is awesome! I’m using 7 instead now, and there are few problems. Vista started going insane with issues and bugs and crashes and it was just too much. If I had the chance, though, I would get a Mac.

Is Win7 good for gaming? On my crappy computer running even crappier vista I don’t think there are discrete sound cards… it is built directly into the processor or something like that, and the graphics card is bad also. I have problems with most computer games I try to play.

I have a regular intel graphics card, 4 gigs RAM, Core 2 Duo at 2 GHz and I’m able to run Spore pretty well with a few medium graphics settings on windows 7. It’s OK, but not great. Go for a Macbook Pro or an Alienware. (I suggest Macbook Pro. Cuz it’s awesome)