Visual Studio Code for VEX?

I have a high functioning, visually impaired student in my class. Unfortunately, RobotC, VCS, RobotMesh, and PROS cannot be read by his screen readers.

I found Microsoft Visual Studio Code that works well with his screen reader, however, I am not quite sure it will work with V5.

Can anyone assist with a workaround? It would be greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer I am not a CS pro.

Absolutely! I use vs code with pros. It’s easy to setup. Just download PROS as u normally would. You’ll encounter a window with some check boxes, just uncheck “PROS editor”. This will make it so the downloader will only download the actual PROS library and compiler. Since ur not using Atom (the default editor) but instead visual studio code, then ur gonna have to get use to using the command prompt/terminal. Anyways to check if PROS is even working just open the command prompt and type “prosv5” and I’m pretty sure it should give u a list of commands. Now open vs code and go to File > Open Folder and locate the folder where your code is saved. Then hit on your keyboard Ctrl + tilda key which opens VS code’s built in terminal. Now u can edit ur code by opening it and compile + download your code to the robot. To do so just type into the terminal “prosv5 mu” (“mu” stands for “make”, another way to say compile, and “upload”)

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In addition, VEXCode V5 Text is built on the same open-source components as VS code, so a screen reader that works well with VS code may also work well with VEXCode.

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You can use the vsc to edit pros code! Just use the terminal to build and load.

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Use prosv5 build to build only changed code, prosv5 build all to clear all compiled code then build, prosv5 upload to upload code to brain, and prosv5 build quick to do build then upload


For Windows, there is a CLI version of Robot Mesh Studio that can be configured to work with VSCode: rmbuild.


To add on to this, this thread should help you integrate RMS with VSCode: