Visual Studio Code is saying that it can't open any of the header files

I’m trying to transition from VEXcode V5 Pro to PROS for it’s okapilb and odometry. However, it often gives me the error message that it can’t open the necessary header files. For example, when including main.h, it states that it failed to open the header file. It does this for api.h as well as all of the other pros specific header files. How should this be fixed?

I assume this issue is with the linter, not the compiler? In which case, make sure compile-commands.json is present in the root directory of the project.

compile-commands.json is in currently in the root directory of the project.

I believe prosv5 build-compile-commands is what you want then.


When I type this in to both the terminal in VScode as well as command prompt, it gives me the error message: make: Nothing to be done for ‘quick’.

Run prosv5 make clean then run prosv5 build-compile-commands


I suggest using a clangd as a linter instead of vscode’s intellisense for c++ plugin, this fixed my issues.

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