Visual Studio for Pros

I recently discovered that Visual Studio was an option for a editor for PROS, and I came to the idea of using Visual Studios as my editor, considering the overwhelming benefits of using Visual Studios over ATOM. So, if possible, could anyone provide guidance on how would I set up PROS in Visual Studios?

I use VSCode, which is not Visual Studio, but is similar. Using that essentially consists of opening the folder in VSCode and using the CLI to compile and upload. I don’t know how you would have a project that is both a PROS project and a Visual Studio project though.

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The way I like to do it is to first create your PROS project via the CLI directly (or use your existing PROS project), and use the File > New > Project from existing code wizard in Visual Studio. Select your PROS project root folder and proceed through the wizard to select “Use external build system”. After that, type in the respective CLI commands for compiling/uploading as you wish for the Visual Studio buttons to do. Any other CLI commands, such as the terminal, you want readily accessible can be added to Tools > External Tools.

(I think I got all that right, but it’s been years since I last used Visual Studio)


Is there a list of CLI commands in the pros documentation? I’ve looked, but have never been successful in finding any.

The best source of docs for the cli is adding --help to what you’re trying to learn about. EG prosv5 --help or prosv5 c --help.


The --help argument is certainly the most comprehensive. Unfortunately up-to-date and meaningful CLI documentation doesn’t really exist on the PROS website at the minute (though someone could fix that through a pull request :slight_smile:).

Here are some common CLI commands:


While there isn’t a full documentation for all the CLI tools, there is extensive documentation on using the conductor tool at

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Even that is of dubious accuracy, as the PROS executable is prosv5, not pros (though the commands may be identical beyond this distinction). That page was last updated in August 2018.

So what would be the setup steps in transferring my PROS Project to vscode?