Visual Studios

Over the past few days, I have been trying to set up PROS, but I’ve been having some issues. I have come to strongly dislike ATOM and was wondering if it was possible to set up PROS in Visual Studios, which is an interface Iike a lot more. Does anyone know how to do this? I don’t know much, so I need instructions. Any help would be appreciated.

i dont use visual studio, but I use vscode (similar i think) and the way I set everything up is I download C++ extensions and interact with the cli trhough the terminal integrated in vscode. All you really need is the CLI and somewhere to edit files.

actually, I have it downloaded and I guess you can create a new folder in your prefered repo, and just run the pros command to create a project there.

How do you do that?

actually, are you using visual studio, or visual studio code

Visual studios professional

ok, so go to File > new file > and check to see if you have Visual C++ as a file option. If you do then basically close out of that window and create a folder for your pros project, and navigate to the folder in terminal or command prompt and run this command
pros conduct new-project [OPTIONS] PATH [TARGET] [VERSION]
once you create the project, all you need to do is open the folder in visual studio and get to typing
refer to the docs for the cli commands to upload and make the project etc.

What is a terminal? What is cli? I’m pretty clueless here

so if you are on windows you have this application called a command prompt which allows you to run commands to do things on your computer. PROS has developed a CLI which is basically commands you can use to interact with PROS projects and the v5.
EDIT: you have to download the cli which is very quick and simple to setup. All the pros editor does is make buttons that run cli commands

Close what window, and where do I make the folder?

@Barin seems to know how to do this, since he uses PROS in VS

Can you help me out here? I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing. I have used Visual Studios for Unity stuff in the past, but I’ve never connected anything else to it. Can you please help?

Well you are on windows right?

yes. Windows 10. ASUS laptop

Ok follow everything I say exactly. If you have an error tell me at which “step”.

go there and download "
Once its finished, drag the folder to your desktop
Now, create a folder in any place you want for your PROS project. I chose the desktop because its easy to access, but you can do it anywhere. Just an empty folder.
Next, press windows key and search for “command prompt” Open the first thing that shows up (looks like a black rectangle application)
in the command prompt, type “prosv5” and hit enter. Tell me when you got all that
This is the CLI which you use to upload and stuff.

I plan on using PROS for cortex. Does that matter?

Also, I’m in the car ATM. On my way to school. I’m gonna have like 10 minutes after I get there to work on this

yes actually, theres a completely different procedure. Give me a sec to fact-check something real quick

wait, so I saw your other post about PROS and I believe I can fix your issue if you want to move back to PROS editor.

I fixed that already

actually nevermind just saw its the old version

Ah ok i got it. So yeah do all the steps about downloading the cli
still use prosv5 as the command (they are still working on the cli and they neededto differentiate the old version to the new i believe)