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but for the new project command do this instead
“prosv5 conductor new-project YOUR_FILE_LOCATIOIN cortex”
if you need help with the path, right click on your folder where your project would go, select properties and in the small window it will say something like C:yourname\Desktop or something, copy that and paste that as the path but ad \yourfoldername to the end of that and run the command

I got the command prompt part down. What next?

Now just open vs and go to file>open folder and open your folder
Now just edit however you want and when you want to upload and build and stuff run in the command prompt these commands: (gimme a sec to check them, haven’t used cortex in a bit)

Yeah so the first thing you do is direct the command prompt to your follder by typing this following
(Same path where you ran the new project command)
Then run
prosv5 make
To make the file (compile) and
prosv5 upload
To upload the file
Alternatively you can just do “prosv5 mu” to combine them

Can you explain how to do this in a little more detail?

you need to make the “shipping adress” of the command prompt to your “home” which is you r project folder. If yuo shp something to someone else’s home they will not know why or what they got. Same with the command prompt. You direct all the commands to a certain location (your folder) by using the command “cd”, following “cd” you put the adress of the folder which you can get by right clicking the folder and selecting properties. The adress starts like “c:\user…”. so the command you run in the comand prompt would be “cd YOUR_FOLDER_LOCATION” and hit enter
then type “prosv5” and hit enter
then you will get a list of commands , one of which is conductor and is used to make a new project.
in CP type “prosv5 conductor new-project YOUR_FOLDER_LOCATIONcortex” which will start creating the files for your project.

I do that, and get this: Capture

The spaces in your path are causing problems. You need to enclose your path with quotation marks.

No that’s not true you need an underscore between “pros project” it is reading it as only \pros because of the space
If you read the error you will notice it is looking for the path …\pros which doesn’t exist because of that space

This is happening now: Capture

Press n and enter. Fbsbx zn (20 char(

Just run the command like this; it will make your life easier.

  1. Change directory up one level to Desktop (cd ..)
  2. Delete the PROS Project folder you created.
  3. Then (from the Desktop working directory) run prosv5 conductor new-project "PROS Project" cortex

Side note: I’m not sure what @JairMeza20 is on about.

Umm don’t do that? Will it not throw all the files onto the desktop? It should have been fine if he just entered “n” in the command prompt and read the outcome

It will make a new subfolder Desktop\PROS Project. All files will go into this new subfolder.

Ah hence the quotations?

The quotation marks are required because the path contains spaces, but spaces are the delimiters between different arguments. Spaces within quotation marks are treated as part of the argument rather than separation between two arguments.

If you run prosv5 conductor new-project PROS Project cortex (no quotation marks), then it will try to make a subfolder Desktop\PROS and use Project as the “target” (instead of cortex).

Yeah that’s what I was getting at but didn’t know quotations we’re a thing, thanks.

Did it, got the same error message

Post screenshot

In the car RN. Gimme a few minutes