Void Function Not working

So my void function isn’t working for a pretty annoying reason.

void Hi (void){
FrontRight.spin(directionType::fwd, 100, velocityUnits::pct);
void Usercontrol (void){
So the reason why it isn’t working is because of the period after Controller1. I have tried many things on trying to fix this and it works in Vex Coding Studio, but not V5 Text. I want to use V5 Text though because it is so much better than the coding studio. Can anyone help me with this?

Have you declared Controller1 in the header files in vexcode?
Also could you post your code files zipped

Yes, I have declared Controller1 in vexcode.

Where and how did you declare Controller1, I tried it with…

vex::controller Controller1(vex::controllerType::primary);

…and it works fine. Also please share your error message.

OMG thank you so much it works now!