Volueenterring at Worlds

I am wondering how to sign up for volueenterring at worlds this year as i am a graduate of my team and have not been able to mentor them this year but i enjoy vex and have already planned to attend , anyway i can voluenteer for all three days and also to book the hotel packages, i want ot book online but hteres no links to click to book online can someone help.


Here are the descriptions for the different volunteer positions: http://content.vexrobotics.com/epdocs/Volunteer-Descriptions.pdf, and here is where to sign up: [http://robotevents.com/volunteer/


, and here is where to sign up: [http://robotevents.com/volunteer/


Thanks :smiley:

Im just wondering to book the hotels they have on the site, if i am not regestered to a team going down how do i go for those packages

Contact Get Travel.

Rick, So the packages have been negotiated for volunteers?
Is it ok to distribute this information now to the potential volunteers who have been asking?

Any volunteer who signs up to help at the World Championship for at least 2 full days will have access to a special volunteer room rate at select Disney Resorts. The process begins by signing up here. After signing up the volunteer will receive a “VEX Volunteer Welcome” email from the volunteer coordinator. This email requests a “reply” from the person who signed up to confirm the email address is correct and that communications both directions have been established. Next the volunteer coordinator will make a preliminary assignment and add the volunteers key contact information to a list of approved volunteers that have access to the special room rates through Get Travel. Once this is done a second email is sent out by the volunteer coordinator to the volunteer informing them of the preliminary assignment and it also includes the detailed instructions so that the volunteer can reserve a room at the discounted rate. Closer to the event a final confirmation of assignment and the appropriate training materials will be sent out.

I hope this helps.